Why You Should Buy Power Wheelchairs Melbourne as Your Daily Living Aids

If you are planning to buy a wheelchair then you have to choose among different types of wheelchairs. You need to choose the Power wheelchairs Melbourne as your daily living aids because it has many advantages compared to the other types. We give you some benefits of the power wheelchairs that will make you go for one for your disabled.

First, power wheelchairs Melbourne as daily living aids will allow you to move freely within your home and community. If you have limited mobility then it will definitely maximize your independence. It will also depend on the ability of the user to choose this kind of wheelchair. Since some users may be very disabled, they may not be able to use the other types of wheelchairs a part from these power wheelchairs.

These power wheelchairs Melbourne as daily living aids have more options for seating compared to other types of the wheelchairs. They are very customizable compared to the rest. They can easily be customized with the back cushions and the seats in their positioning and even the features. They also have an option of reclining. This is very important for the users who do not have the ability to position themselves in the wheelchair. These features, such as the recline and tilt actually provide pressure relief and comfort especially if the user has sat for a long period of time.

This power wheelchairs Melbourne as daily living aids will also enable the user to travel for long distances compared to other forms of wheelchair. This is advantageous to people with limited mobility. It will be able to give them an opportunity to go far with the wheelchair in places where they might not be able to reach with the manual wheelchair.

Using power wheelchairs Melbourne as daily living aids is also beneficial for conserving your energy. People with disabilities like the post-polio syndrome or multiple sclerosis are able to use such kind of the wheelchair effectively and save a lot of energy. You will be able to move a long distance without having to expend a lot of energy. This will allow you to use the energy you save for other things and other necessary activities.

The power wheelchairs Melbourne as daily living aids have a small turning radius and there will always save of space compared to the manual wheelchair. This also means that your power wheelchairs Melbourne as daily living aids will be more maneuverable even in a very small space. They also have more options with the front wheel drives or the center wheel drives for tight spaces or small turning radius.

The power wheelchairs Melbourne as daily living aids will also give you an option of travelling in various terrains. This is because they have the options of wheel positions and tire types. You will be able to change the tire of the wheelchair effectively and change the center of gravity for the wheelchair. This will help you to maneuver over the curbs and obstacles.


Choosing Mobility Scooter Mornington Peninsula and Electric Bed Melbourne

Choosing Mobility scooter Mornington Peninsula and Electric bed Melbourne and any other mobility equipment can be very hard especially if you don’t know much about them. You need to be very careful to end up with the best equipment that will satisfy your needs effectively. We give you some tips to help you make the right choice. There are many things you have to consider when choosing such equipment. Some of these tips will definitely advise you on such factors to consider as well.

When choosing Mobility scooter Mornington Peninsula and Electric bed Melbourne, you should consult your doctor. This is because the doctor will be able to advise you on the right equipment for your disability. They might know your problem better. They’ve also learnt about such equipment and they definitely know the best for your disability. You should therefore consult the physician who has been taking care of your problem or just any other competent one for further advice before making your purchase.

You should also find out if the insurance cover will cater for your Mobility scooter Mornington Peninsula and Electric bed Melbourne. This equipment come in different types with varied pricing. You should therefore try to find out the one that can easily be paid for through the insurance cover if you don’t want to commit your own money. It can be very helpful especially if you are in need of the equipment and you don’t have enough funds then the insurance can actually come in to offer you the funding.

You have to consider the pricing of your Mobility scooter Mornington Peninsula and Electric bed Melbourne. If the equipment will not be funded by your medical insurance cover then you have to pay for it. You will require enough money to purchase such equipment for your disabled member or for yourself. Even though they come in different prices, there is actually one that you will be able to afford. Maybe you already have a budget with the amount of money you are willing to commit for such equipment. You don’t have to worry because they are very affordable.

You should also consider the quality of the Mobility scooter Mornington Peninsula and Electric bed Melbourne that you want to purchase. What is their lifespan? You need to know how long they will be able to serve you before you budget for a new one. You should go for high quality products that can last for long enough. This will save you a lot of money as you won’t be replacing the equipment every now and again.

You should also consider the reputation of the manufacturing company for your Mobility scooter Mornington Peninsula and Electric bed Melbourne. This will give you an idea if they are making strong products that are worth your money. They should also be reliable enough to deal with. You can actually find out from other people who have benefited from such equipment before to get an idea if they are good and long lasting or not.

Getting in and out of cars with a mobility issue

1Having access to transport, or being able to transport yourself is a key part of independence for most people.  As our lifestyles and mobility change, getting in and out of the car can become more of a challenge.  In order to keep you (or your loved ones) enjoying the life you want, we have covered some of the best ways to help you stay mobile.

1.    Techniques

Most people commonly get in and out of the car by putting one leg in, sitting down, and then bringing the other leg in.  However, if you suffer from mobility issues, or are finding that you have less flexibility in your legs as you age, this can be difficult.

One technique for entering the car that places far less strain on your body, is to sit down onto the car seat with both legs on the pavement, and then swivel both legs in together.  This is also a far easier technique for those who have a walker or mobility aid, as you are applying even pressure to the aid, and don’t have to worry about slips and falls.

Reversing this method (swivelling both legs out and then standing up) is also the best way to exit the vehicle, as you don’t have to balance or rely on the strength of just one leg, and allows you to use your walker in the most effective way.

Ask your family member or carer to park on the flat.  If parking you need to park near a curb, park ½ a meter or so out from the curb allowing room for your walking aid/walker.  Do not try and transfer from the top of a curb edge.  This is often far too high for most people.

What helps many people (particularly those with hip replacements) is to ask your family member or carer to adjust the passenger front seat for you first. Slide the seat back and recline if necessary too.  This allows more space for you to lean back and swing your legs in without having to bend your knees through a tight space.  This often has less chance of pain with arthritic hips and knees.

2.  Equipment

If you are finding that the above technique is no longer effective for you due to difficulties with strength or flexibility, there are a variety of transfer items that are available to assist in staying independent.

Swivel cushions can be easily placed in any seat, allowing you to just sit on them and use the cushion to rotate in the seat.  Leg lifters can be useful if you struggle with lifting or moving your legs on their own, and a wooden transfer board with an autoslide car transfer assist can make it easy to get from a wheelchair or seated position into a vehicle.

A simple car swivel cushion can make all the difference to using a vehicle

To view our full range of car transfer assistance equipment, you can visit our website here.  Otherwise, contact us for a conversation about your unique needs, and we can help you decide what might be the most effective product for you.

3. Wheelchairs

If you are using a wheelchair, there are a few techniques that can be used to get in and out of the car on your own, if you are able to use your arms.  Make sure that your car and wheelchair are stable, braked and parked on level ground.  Once you feel that the wheelchair is stable, you can use a transfer board or slide to manoeuvre your body into the car, sit, and then twist your legs in.  Otherwise, lift your legs into the foot well, and lift your body across.

If you don’t have enough strength in your arms, a leg lift and slide board might also be an option.

4. Patient Hoists

If you are unable to get in and out of your wheelchair on your own, it is useful to have a patient hoist so that someone can assist you get in and out of the car easily.  This reduces strain on the body of those assisting, as they don’t have to lift, and should be the most comfortable option for you or the patient.


A hoist and sling needs to be fitted to your unique body, so your local mobility showroom should allow you to try a few options before making a decision.

Make sure you try out your sling and hoist before purchasing, as the sling and hoist should be comfortable and pain free.  Ideally, you should be able to sit in a slightly reclined or upright position, so it is important to try the sling to make sure it fits your unique needs.  You can visit our showroom to try out our slings and hoists, as this is the best way to know what solution will work for you.

5. Public Transport

Public transport is also an option for those with walkers, rollators and mobility scooters. If you have an access issue, you might have the opportunity to apply for a free travel pass, which also makes public transport an economical option.


Check your travel pass eligibility to avoid unnecessary travel costs.

In Victoria, all trains are wheelchair accessible, and train drivers are required to help you access the network. Over 80% of buses in Victoria are accessible, while some stops and routes of trams are accessible, but not all. The PTV website and journey planner app are a great way to get familiar with which tram and bus stops will work best for you. Public Transport Victoria has created a guide for using the network with a mobility aid, that can be found here.

Finding a way to get in and out of the car, either as a driver or a passenger can be difficult without a little advice, but with the right items and technique, you can stay independent and mobile. For assistance with working out the best plan and products for you to get travelling you can contact us or view our products online. Ready to go on a road trip? We have catalogued our favourite Victorian wheelchair accessible destinations.

Safe and Affordable Wheelchairs and Disability Scooters in Melbourne

Across Melbourne there are many people who suffer with mobility due to conditions such as old age, disability or injury and are therefore unable to perform everyday tasks. To aid with mobility problems, wheelchairs and disability scooters are available in the Melbourne market.

Wheelchairs are a safe and convenient means of transport for people with a disability or injury. There a a wide range of wheelchairs available for you to choose from in Melbourne. The wheelchairs come in a range of sizes to suit a range of different users. Wheelchair sizing includes ultra-lightweight, lightweight, heavy duty and tilt and recline. There are specific wheelchairs available for a variety of different uses, whether it be for short-term daily use, all day use and transit uses.

The range of tilt and recline wheelchairs allow users to alter their sear position, ensuring maximum comfort at all times. The tilt and recline function allows users to lean back and forwards as well as assist them to get out of the wheelchair with ease and stability. The wide range of tilt and recline wheelchairs include features such as comfort cushions, biochemical positioning hinge, adjustable headrest, folding backrest and swing away leg rests. Each model features a different degree of tilt function and weight capacities to suit many different types of users.

Powered wheelchairs are also available in Melbourne. Melbourne Powered wheelchairs allow users to control and move the wheelchair without having to physically move the wheelchair with their arms. Powered wheelchairs are extremely safe, durable and easy to operate. Powered wheelchairs offer users with disability or injury increased independence and easier mobility. Using a powered wheelchair means users can travel longer distances without getting tired.

Disability scooters are also available in Melbourne. Disability scooters come in a range of sizes and price ranges with a variety of different features. Sizes include small, medium and large. Features include lock systems, padded seating, ergonomic handlebars and a range of accessories such as baskets and flags for convenience. Disability scooters are easy to drive and offer a range of comfort and safety features to ensure you have a save and enjoyable ride every time.

Disability scooters aid users with their mobility, allowing them to travel distances that they would usually struggle with. Disability scooters are available for indoor and outdoor uses depending on your particular needs. The wide range of disability scooters means you can select the perfect scooter for you.

The friendly and experienced team in Melbourne are experts in wheelchairs and disability scooters and are available to assist you with purchasing the right wheelchair or scooter that best meets your needs. The team are available in the Melbourne store, online or over the phone for your convenience. Wheelchairs and disability scooters can be viewed in store or online. The website provides images and details specific to each product so that you can find a product that best meets your needs and budget.

For learn more about wheelchairs and disability scooters, please visit:


Comfortable and Affordable Electric Mobility Scooter and Electric Bed in Melbourne

For the elderly and people with a disability, mobility can often be extremely difficult and sometimes painful. Everyday tasks such as walking can often be challenging and can restrict people from being able to go for walks or move around the house. These limitations may mean they have to hire a personal carer to complete tasks for them and assist with mobility. In Melbourne, a range of electric mobility scooters and electric beds are available in the market to assist those with restricted mobility.

Mobility scooters are a great mode of transport for those needing assistance in travelling short distances or moving around the house. Scooters give users the ability to shop in shopping centres, go down the street and move around safely and conveniently. With an electric scooter users gain the independence to complete tasks on their own without the need of a personal carer or assistant. The range of scooters cater to a wide variety of requirements and specifications you may need. The electric mobility scooters come in small medium and large sizes with some made specifically for indoor uses. The scooters come with a wide range of features including folding scooters, front and rear LED lights, ranges of speed, choice of colour and many more. Accessories that can be added to the scooter are also available for your convenience including carry bags, sun canopy, rear vision mirror, visibility flag, scooter lock, batteries and many more.

For those with old age and muscle and joint conditions sleeping can often be difficult and painful. People with restricted mobility may find it hard to get in and out of bed which can cause frustration and pain. To aid those with such issues, eclectic beds are available in the Melbourne market. Electric beds offer the ability to lift the bed up and down to help you get in and out of bed with ease. The beds also have a high weight capacity to accommodate to a wide variety of users. The electric beds Melbourne are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any need and budget. The range includes king singles, floor level beds, folding beds, single beds and many more. The beds come with a range of features such as heavy duty lockable castors, knee brake adjustment, steel frames, lift functions and many more.

Electric beds are a great solution for those struggling with mobility. The beds not only aid movement but can help to prevent and support issues such as muscle pain, joint pain and sleep issues. The beds are equipped with remote controls so that users can easily adjust the bed to their specifications. Eclectic beds offer a luxurious and comfortable rest to any user.

The affordable and quality range of electric mobility scooters and electric beds available to buy can be found online as well in stores in Melbourne. A friendly sales team are available online, instore and over the phone to assist you with any enquires you may have.

For more information, please visit: https://www.lifemobility.com.au

Safe and Affordable Walking Aids and Electric Mobility Scooters in Melbourne

Across Melbourne there are many people who struggle to walk due to old age, disability or injury and therefore are unable to perform everyday tasks. For these people, the best solution is a walking aid. A walking aid gives a disabled person the freedom, confidence and independence to move around comfortably without the risk of falling. A wide range of indoor and outdoor walking aids are available in Melbourne to suit any individual’s needs.

These aids include walking sticks, crutches, walking frames, wheeled walkers, wheelchairs and scooters. Walking aids are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. The choice of what walking aid to buy is usually dependant on the current mobility level of the customer, and what particular activities or tasks they need it for.

Each type of walking aid is used for a different kind of use or purpose. Walking sticks are a simple and easy to use aid that helps with balancing. Walking frames provide additional support for those needing to maintain stability and independence. 3 or 4 wheeled walking frames that include storage compartments are available to provide a high level of ease for the user. For a weekly fee, a range of walking aids can be hired out as per the need of the customer.

Electric mobility scooters provide freedom for users. The 3 or 4 wheeled scooters available in Melbourne are suitable for people who need to travel short distances indoor, outdoor and around town. The scooters are are high quality products that ensure complete safety and stability for the user. Electric mobility scooters are available at highly affordable prices that suit everyone’s need and budget.

Many suppliers in Melbourne offer durable and affordable electric mobility scooters in different models. The scooters are well-equipped, with useful accessories to make mobility more comfortable. Such accessories include adjustable seats, hazard lights, rear or front baskets, rear view mirrors and more. With developments in technology, various innovations have taken place to provide technologically advanced scooters to customers which are safe, comfortable and easy to operate. A huge range of electric mobility scooters are available online as well as in stores. Various offers are available online which provide the advantage of secure payments and the ease of shopping from home.

Friendly and experienced staff in Melbourne are available in-store, online or over the phone to assist their clients in finding the most suitable electric mobility scooter; keeping in mind the client’s condition. The staff genuinely care about the wellbeing of their customers and are committed to helping them find the best solution at the best price, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

For more information visit: https://www.lifemobility.com.au

Easy to Use and Affordable Daily Living Aids and Wheelchairs in Melbourne


Disabled people face many challenges, with many struggling to perform regular tasks on a daily basis. In order to make the life of physically impaired easier and more comfortable; various daily living aids and wheelchairs are available in Melbourne. These products help them to live their lives with confidence, without having to be dependent on others for small tasks. The products help stroke victims, elderly seniors, arthritis sufferers, injured people and and disabled users enhance their quality of life. Living aids are designed to allow these people to continue their life as normal as possible, despite their disabilities.

A wide range of manual and electronic wheelchairs are available in the Melbourne market. All of the wheelchairs Melbourne are available at highly affordable prices for people of multiple sizes. There are solutions for individual needs in the form of different models, ranging from lightweight wheelchairs to heavy duty wheelchairs. Transit wheelchairs are also supplied in Melbourne, catering especially to people who need transporting to and from the house. Budget wheelchairs are also available, which include various features including detaching leg rests, adjustable armrests, seat belts and more. Selected models of wheelchairs can be hired for customers who only need one for a selected period of time.

The innovative and advanced wheelchairs gives the user choice and safe control over their mobility. Friendly and experienced advisors in Melbourne provide the practical and friendly advice, striving to make sure that the customer finds the most suitable model according to their particular needs. A wide range of wheelchairs are available online and in-stores across Melbourne.

Various living aids are available to make the life of people with disabilities easier. The aids help users complete tasks without being dependent on others. Daily living aids include a range of products such as patient slings, electric beds, bathroom aids, electric scooters, toilet aids, kitchen utensils and many more. With the advancement in technology, various innovations have been made in the field to ultimately make the lives of disabled people more efficient. The daily living aids are made to a high quality.

The friendly and experienced staff in Melbourne are available to answer any customer queries regarding products, over the phone, in person or by email. They are specialists in the field and provide the best service to their customers. As well as timely service the staff always try to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. The stores are located in Melbourne, where customers can try the products before purchase to ensure that they make the right decision. The online store provides easy payment and fast shipping options.

For more information visit: https://www.lifemobility.com.au

Strong and Efficient Shower Chair and Zimmer Frames in Melbourne


The ability to complete small tasks without having to relying on friends, family and even strangers is something that most people take for granted. For those with low mobility, maintaining independence is greatly important. Luckily, advancements in technology have led to the development of equipment designed to aid those with limited mobility. The purpose of this equipment is to reduce any difficulty associated with everyday tasks such as bathing and walking. With these tools people of limited mobility can remain independent and see a great improvement in quality of life. Mobility aids are safe as well as easy to use.

Once such mobility aid is the shower chair, this is a useful tool for those who have trouble standing for long periods of time. Shower chairs provide support for the person to sit comfortably and safely while bathing. Many shower chairs come equipped with non-slip feet made of rubber; this adds another level of safety and makes it easier for the user to get in and out of the chair. There are many different models of shower chairs varying in size, weight, colour and design. The best quality designs have adjustable legs, which can be customised to the user. Other features may include removable arms and a backrest which provides further support.

Shower chairs are generally made from plastic or aluminium with a range of colours and features. As they are produced for use in water they are often designed to be rust-free. Most seats will have a small drainage hole or be designed in a way that allows the water to drain. This drainage system ensures the chairs are hygienic and remain clean.

Another widely used mobility aid is the Zimmer frame – a walking aid which provides stability and support to the user. Zimmer frames are designed to assist people with low mobility and are a usual tool for people of all ages who have trouble balancing and walking without support. They also work to increase the user’s confidence by reducing the fear of falling over. Zimmer frames come in many different designs, with foldable, adjustable and fixed varieties. Foldable frames are especially popular as they can be stored away easily. Wheels are often equipped with glide brakes to further aid the user’s movement and reduce any danger.

Zimmer frames sold in Melbourne are made up of sturdy materials making them highly durable. With even the fixed Zimmer frames designed to be lightweight making them easily transportable. Similarly to shower chairs, Zimmer frames may also be customisable allowing height and other features to be changed to suit the user. When selecting the right walking aid it is important to consult with a professional as every person’s needs are different.

There are many retailers in Melbourne that sell mobility aids, the best ones will provide customised and personalised service, including visiting you if you are unable to go in-store.

For more information on shower chairs, Zimmer frames and other mobility aids please visit https://www.lifemobility.com.au/