Comfortable and Affordable Electric Mobility Scooter and Electric Bed in Melbourne

For the elderly and people with a disability, mobility can often be extremely difficult and sometimes painful. Everyday tasks such as walking can often be challenging and can restrict people from being able to go for walks or move around the house. These limitations may mean they have to hire a personal carer to complete tasks for them and assist with mobility. In Melbourne, a range of electric mobility scooters and electric beds are available in the market to assist those with restricted mobility.

Mobility scooters are a great mode of transport for those needing assistance in travelling short distances or moving around the house. Scooters give users the ability to shop in shopping centres, go down the street and move around safely and conveniently. With an electric scooter users gain the independence to complete tasks on their own without the need of a personal carer or assistant. The range of scooters cater to a wide variety of requirements and specifications you may need. The electric mobility scooters come in small medium and large sizes with some made specifically for indoor uses. The scooters come with a wide range of features including folding scooters, front and rear LED lights, ranges of speed, choice of colour and many more. Accessories that can be added to the scooter are also available for your convenience including carry bags, sun canopy, rear vision mirror, visibility flag, scooter lock, batteries and many more.

For those with old age and muscle and joint conditions sleeping can often be difficult and painful. People with restricted mobility may find it hard to get in and out of bed which can cause frustration and pain. To aid those with such issues, eclectic beds are available in the Melbourne market. Electric beds offer the ability to lift the bed up and down to help you get in and out of bed with ease. The beds also have a high weight capacity to accommodate to a wide variety of users. The electric beds Melbourne are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any need and budget. The range includes king singles, floor level beds, folding beds, single beds and many more. The beds come with a range of features such as heavy duty lockable castors, knee brake adjustment, steel frames, lift functions and many more.

Electric beds are a great solution for those struggling with mobility. The beds not only aid movement but can help to prevent and support issues such as muscle pain, joint pain and sleep issues. The beds are equipped with remote controls so that users can easily adjust the bed to their specifications. Eclectic beds offer a luxurious and comfortable rest to any user.

The affordable and quality range of electric mobility scooters and electric beds available to buy can be found online as well in stores in Melbourne. A friendly sales team are available online, instore and over the phone to assist you with any enquires you may have.

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