Safe and Affordable Wheelchairs and Disability Scooters in Melbourne

Across Melbourne there are many people who suffer with mobility due to conditions such as old age, disability or injury and are therefore unable to perform everyday tasks. To aid with mobility problems, wheelchairs and disability scooters are available in the Melbourne market.

Wheelchairs are a safe and convenient means of transport for people with a disability or injury. There a a wide range of wheelchairs available for you to choose from in Melbourne. The wheelchairs come in a range of sizes to suit a range of different users. Wheelchair sizing includes ultra-lightweight, lightweight, heavy duty and tilt and recline. There are specific wheelchairs available for a variety of different uses, whether it be for short-term daily use, all day use and transit uses.

The range of tilt and recline wheelchairs allow users to alter their sear position, ensuring maximum comfort at all times. The tilt and recline function allows users to lean back and forwards as well as assist them to get out of the wheelchair with ease and stability. The wide range of tilt and recline wheelchairs include features such as comfort cushions, biochemical positioning hinge, adjustable headrest, folding backrest and swing away leg rests. Each model features a different degree of tilt function and weight capacities to suit many different types of users.

Powered wheelchairs are also available in Melbourne. Melbourne Powered wheelchairs allow users to control and move the wheelchair without having to physically move the wheelchair with their arms. Powered wheelchairs are extremely safe, durable and easy to operate. Powered wheelchairs offer users with disability or injury increased independence and easier mobility. Using a powered wheelchair means users can travel longer distances without getting tired.

Disability scooters are also available in Melbourne. Disability scooters come in a range of sizes and price ranges with a variety of different features. Sizes include small, medium and large. Features include lock systems, padded seating, ergonomic handlebars and a range of accessories such as baskets and flags for convenience. Disability scooters are easy to drive and offer a range of comfort and safety features to ensure you have a save and enjoyable ride every time.

Disability scooters aid users with their mobility, allowing them to travel distances that they would usually struggle with. Disability scooters are available for indoor and outdoor uses depending on your particular needs. The wide range of disability scooters means you can select the perfect scooter for you.

The friendly and experienced team in Melbourne are experts in wheelchairs and disability scooters and are available to assist you with purchasing the right wheelchair or scooter that best meets your needs. The team are available in the Melbourne store, online or over the phone for your convenience. Wheelchairs and disability scooters can be viewed in store or online. The website provides images and details specific to each product so that you can find a product that best meets your needs and budget.

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